Stuck on a character idea? Want ties to an area with already established PCs? Are you already a local and wants your friends, enemies and family around you? Then an adoptable might the answer to both. Ranging from general character concepts to complete premade characters, there is something for everyone who wants to be a part of Half Moon Bay Weyr. New folks get the advantage of having pre established relationships, while existing characters get RP hooks with a chance to really interact with family and friends.

  • If you are interested in adding an adoptable to the list, please fill out the table below with all the relevant information, or @mail staff and ask them to do it for you.
  • If you are interested in taking on the role of an adoptable, feel free to peruse the list below to find the one that most interests you, and contact the named parties for further information
Name Position Location PC Connections Notes Contact?
Minyahn Apprentice Healer Half Moon Bay Weyr Citayla (former superior) Young, able-bodied; you can determine Min's level of intelligence and capability as a Healer for yourself. ;) Interested parties can seek RP from Citayla (her former direct supervisor /Journeywoman Healer before she impressed) and are more than allowed to use her friends (Ila'den and R'hyn especially) as a pincushion for practicing administering injections. Not needed!
Vantesz Unspecified Half Moon Bay Weyr R'hyn, Ila'den R'hyn has a bad habit of adopting strays, including stray children and troubled youths. Vantesz doesn't have a set background, but I'm flexible and happy to provide ideas should you be interested in having a character with an extensive adopted family. Not needed!
Seleisa Nanny Half Moon Bay Weyr Unspecified Bright, cheerful, perhaps a little too helpful truth be told; tends to get underfoot even though her intentions are good. Not needed!
Casheme Messenger Half Moon Bay Weyr J'en Young and impressionable, Cash's taken a shine to the Archipelago Wingleader and can be found following along behind him like a puppy, much to his chagrin. She thinks he's cute, and tough, and wants him to teach her to fight the other 12-turn-old weyrbrats that like to pick on her. Nope!
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