Half Moon Bay Weyr's residents are a bit more carefree than most - even other Weyrs. Clothing - when worn - is usually made of light fabrics and bright colors, sharing a great deal of similarity to the clothing of both Ista Weyr and certain traders in the Igen desert.

The styles are fairly loose, all in all - lots of billowing blouses and loose-fitting trousers with ties. Wrap skirts and halter tops are a normal sight, as are sari-style dresses. Men and women alike are liable to be seen in the dresses and skirts - there are no social boundaries where comfort is concerned. Sandals and bare feet are equally common; minimalist footwear being much more comfortable than wearing clunky boots or normal shoes.

Riders typically wear their riding gear only when they must; the weather and climate is rough on the leather and gear must be replaced more frequently than they might in other locales.

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