Another Fire

As expected, dry conditions in Western created another fire hazard. This one could be classified as a minor firestorm, in fact, begun on one of the small islands where a trading port had been built. Though only a few miles across at most, the teardrop shaped island began to burn when an electrical storm brushed the island enough to set off the blaze. Winds pushed the flames towards the docks to threaten it and the harbored ships.

To counteract this blaze, Western riders appeared in the sky - but so did Istan riders. The addition of a gold, Theiath, to the mix bolstered confidence, and even the Western Weyrleader, A'ven, and his bronze took part. Though the path was rougher this time around, the combined forces managed to stymie the fire long enough for the ground crews to rest. Thus kept at bay, the fire burned itself out long before it managed to do much more than smoke damage to men, beast, and buildings.

Spring is on its first toddling legs at the Isles, and though there have been one or two short rainstorms, they are hardly the right amount for the seasonal changes. Will the spring rains fall later this year? Are the Dolphineers correct in that it's related to something interfering with the currents, or simply a cycle that happens so infrequently as to not have been recorded? Most importantly, does the help that Ista offered to the island Weyr mean that Western has more than a few political ties to it?

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