New Weyrlings for Western

Under the watchful gaze of Sevaruth and Odryth and their riders did the eggs start wobbling on the sands around the lunching hour of the weyr. The candidates were quickly assembled to the sands just in time for the first eggs to crack. In this order they did crack and impress:

Spirit of the People Green Hatchling became Noravitath and impressed to Eva (Juaneva NPC)
In honour of thy Father Bronze Hatchling became Brucifith and impressed to R'bert (Robereto NPC)
Well Begun is Half Done Green Hatchling became Ingriath and impressed to Mynna
King of the Night Blue Hatchling became Megillath and impressed to Hadassah (NPC)
Devil of Aquitaine Bronze Hatchling became Lantath and impressed to Ed'ard (Edward NPC)
Defender of the Faith Brown Hatchling became Rauxith and impressed to Vaine (V'ine)
Formidable Lady Green Hatchling became Edyth and impressed to T'mas (Tomas NPC)
Silken Sheen Emerald Green Hatchling became Bolyth and impressed to H'ry (Henry NPC)
The Glorious Green Hatchling became Sinasapelth and impressed to Kyldar

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