Refugees and Grumpy Weyrseconds

After quiet an emotional scene in the living caverns, it's clear that the Weyrlingmaster just likes causing trouble. Or that's what the Weyrsecond T'eo would have you believe after his sister, Lorena, brownrider of Xanadu, and N'kor got into a fight that ending with her in tears and the bronzeider smashing a glass. The brownrider was last scene, sources say, alighting her brother's weyr, but the Weyrsecond is disinclined to talk. Apart from aspersions on the Weyrlingmaster's sanity and saftey to the rest of the weyr after two outbursts now, questions arise on the saftey of the Xanadu Brown's appearance in relation to the illness. Could she and hers be carrying it from Xanadu or have they aquired it from the Weyrlingmaster and that's why they haven't returned? No doubt the Leaders will want to badgering their 'Second for such information… …or will they?

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