Diplomatic Mission?

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Western's senior hasn't been seen about much lately. Miraneith doesn't appear to be roaming around the bowl at night quite as often, but nothing seems particularly amiss. Certainly there's nothing wrong with either rider nor queen. Perhaps with the expected clutch of Shadhavarth soon to be gracing the Hatching Sands, Enka has seen fit to take off on some kind of mission.

But what kind of mission could it be? InterWeyr relations, perhaps? Or trying to find some hapless Weyr to foist Liora off on? Who knows? Whatever the reason, the senior pair is less likely to be found — at least for the time being. And certainly, they're not out of contact, either.

OOC: Well here it is! My big trip has finally arrived! I'm flying out tonight, for Lexington Kentucky. The flight involves 3 planes (oh joy) and 3 airports. I'll be gone until May 9th, but I won't be completely incommunicado. Will be bringing my netbook, and the hotel has wifi, so I will be on frequently over the next week or so — most likely at night as we'll be at the races Friday and Saturday, the Kentucky Horse Park all day Sunday and touring farms on Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before flying back.

If anyone has any questions, @mail me, page me if I'm on or send me email at moc.liamg|htienarim#moc.liamg|htienarim. Don't burn down my Weyr, and have lots of fun!

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