Western's Dazzling Dozen

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While she might have tried, and tried and tried to hold it off until the latest hours of the night when everyone would be asleep, but alas, to no avail. As the old saying goes… when you gotta go, you really gotta GO.

While Miraneith is usually good at keeping her tail up off the ground, as plump as it is, she was so egg-heavy that she just couldn't not hold it up. So off she went to the hatching grounds, dragging her tail behind her.

And when she got there, she found watchers. Which made for a very disgruntled queen until Zusamenth landed on the sands, and did her best to be a very distracting green indeed. When all was said and done, the news has gone out far and wide that the flight between Miraneith and Glyith was a very good one indeed, for the clutch boasts a dozen colorful eggs including one large one with a hint of sunshine to it.

But what dragons those eggs hold is a mystery indeed, and one that won't be answered for some time yet. In the meantime, Western Weyr riders set forth across the width and breadth of Pern to search out likely candidates for the clutch.

OOC: And here's the clutch! We have pictures of the eggs at http://westernweyr.wikidot.com/eggs:21

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