Not all Quiet on a Western Front

Most nights have been quiet over the past sevendays since the death of one of the Weyrlings, the quiet of the dragons easing into the quiet mourning of the riders themselves. Time can ease pain, though, and as the nights progressed, life began to return to normal in Western Weyr. Well, for the most part.

So, it was with a little surprise when the watch dragon bellowed one night, waking the Weyrleaders and consequently some of the Beastcrafters, as well. Those who woke up to the sound report the Beastcrafters, Weyrleaders and watch dragon gathering over to the corral where Western's herd is kept to feed the contigent of Western's dragons. The light of day finally revealed what brought the leaders out late that night, the herd having been cut down to atleast a quarter, with a few roaming around the bowl itself to be gathered by apprentices.

Whisperings talk of bloody paw prints found in the corral, with a few mauled bovine having been carted away to be disposed of. But, what took down the herd, when the isles have no felines on it's shores? And what will Western do to replenish it's stock? Riders of the Seamount wing have been sent out to see if they can find the strays, but nothing as of yet, and a few specialized Beastcrafters have been called for to study the prints found— to hopefully track the beast.

Since then, an "official" post has been made in the Living Caverns for riders and Weyrlings alike to be careful wandering around Western, and to keep an eye out for both bovine… and the potential animal that caused the killings…

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