All's Quiet on the Western Front?

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… or is it?

At least from the standpoint of the Weyr's senior queen, things are going just swimmingly. As far as Miraneith is concerned, life is great. However, even her rider is quick to point out that the majority of the ungainly gold's day is spent in what can only be termed as dead-to-the-world slumber and when one goes roaming about to survey the Weyr at night, the darkness hides plenty of imperfections.

Still, the gold /is/ stubborn in her persistence. Life IS good. She's content, and if she is … then ergo, everyone else must be as well, correct?

The weyrlings from Miraneith's last clutch have long since grown, the queen having finally settled into a multi-Turn waiting cycle, having not taken to the skies in mating flight since then. That she's biding her time, it could be no surprise, but with the last of the weyrlings since departed from the barracks, it does give many a welcome respite from the toils of training. Despite winter, life at Western can be termed quite idyllic. The rains seem gentle enough, a far cry from the flooding in the past, and the sun shines warmly on the beaches most days, and as winter winds into spring, there's certainly a feeling of promise in the air. Western Weyr must surely be profiting from the good times and what might lie ahead..

But could things change? One can only guess that they would.

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