Storms on the Horizon!

In general, life at a tropical island Weyr like Western is a pretty easy life. The sunshine is bright and sunny, the water is warm, and there's always the easy feel for a laid back island lifestyle. In short, island life might as well be paradise.

But no good thing can last for very long. Sweepriders out on patrol have noticed the brewing dark rumbling masses of thunderclouds and have heard the booming thunder and seen the crackling brightness of lightning.

Late summer storms are building out over the ocean, strong ones by the looks of things, and Western Weyr and the island it occupies is right in their path. The entire island is preparing for the storms — riders are going out to help cotholders and fishermen secure their boats and animals, and everyone is stocking up on nice warm blankets and brewing lots of klah for those long nights of rain.

"Brace for impact" seems to be the word of mouth as the storms rumble nearer — can Western Weyr and the holds that look to it weather the blow?

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