Miraneith Captured!

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Was she? Wasn't she? Everyone at Western Weyr knew that Miraneith had been displaying signs of proddiness, and that Enka had been collecting a bevy of female greenriders as her 'attendants' of late. Surely that meant the senior queen was going to rise soon. The time was ripe for it, having been some three turns since her last flight. But when Miraneith should have begun glowing … suddenly, she wasn't.

Thinking it all just a false alarm, despite her own actions, Enka made a mental note to herself to take the queen to the dragonhealers, just in case — and then took off for the Dawn Sisters Marketplace to purchase some baking supplies…

…only to be hauled back in a frantic stampede for the feeding grounds when Miraneith took flight in that direction at midday. As ever, the battle of wills for the queen to blood rather than eat was a strain on the Weyrwoman, but she prevailed, and after a furiously vicious assult on the Weyr's herdbeast population, Miraneith took to the skies in a flurry of wings, pursued by such bronzes and browns who desired to chase the queen.

Long, as such flights were wont to go, Miraneith's path took her over the sea, the queen fleeing the pursuing males before eventually darting into a cloud bank. Imagine to her surprise when she emerged from the clouds to find herself not ahead, nor behind her suitors, but right in the midst of them. An attempt to evade capture was quickly aborted, the lucky bronze to claim her was the small and adorably cute Suldith, which meant a new Weyrleader for Western with his rider, Zi'on.

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