The Firelizard Mystery Continues

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In the weeks since Kayse found herself unexpectedly the owner of a firelizard, she has been searching and searching to find out where the egg came from. Alas, she has been completely unsuccessful, as nobody saw who deposited the egg in her cot and none of the merchants recall selling a single egg to anyone recently. But her search did have one interesting outcome….

Perhaps because of the recent ghost ship sightings, or because of the thefts at the weyr, one of the market merchants was in quite a hurry to offload his wares and get away from the Western Islands. Kayse isn't really sure how she let herself get talked into it, but she helped the man out by agreeing to purchase a basket of firelizard eggs at a steeply discounted price.

The basket now sits in an out of the way hearth, watched over by Nala. The apprentice has made it known that she has no interest in the eggs herself, and that when they start cracking anyone is welcome to attempt to attract the hatchlings. How soon that will be is anyone's guess, as the merchant couldn't tell Kayse just how old the eggs were.

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