Round Up Plans, Western Style

Calling all riders and runnermen for Western's own herd beast round up! The Weyr must salvage all the beasts they can from the slaughter/stampede so a call is being made to gather any willing and able to round up the beasties. Caution will be accounted for as likely these non-native felines will be missing about where beasts have strayed.

When asked about this in his plans for the round up the Weyrsecond's comment was simple. "While I don't know much about beasts, I do know they're herd animals. They'll stick together far more than apart so we shouldn't have too hard of a time."

This brought up questions of the safety of the Weyrsecond leading the group. "Oh it won't just be me. I've got contacts in this sort of thing that'll be coming up to assist, and of course we'll rely heavily on our own Crafters."

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