Weird Waters

Despite the problems that have plagued the waters of Western over the past months, for many of the riders, every day sweeps are exactly that: every day sweeps. Hours of finding nothing out of the ordinary can be dulling to the mind, and cause even the normally vigilant riders to lose focus. Sometimes, however, these same sweep riders will stumble upon something that is anything *but* normal, and the result will be a flurry of activity for the Wing.

Rather unremarkable sweeps for the Seamount wing at Western suddenly became remarkable when a pair of riders flew over a rather odd stretch of ocean, an area where the normally deep and strong currents were clearly having no effect, as various items were caught, floating in a calm section of water.

A careful report was given to Weyrwoman Rea, and in turn riders were posted to the nearby islands to monitor the phenomenon as well as to provide aid for any boats affected by the change of currents in the area. So far little change has been noted, and yet, still riders sit, keeping a watchful eye.

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