Cavern Confrontation

It's been a widly observed fact that the Weyrsecond, Bronze Raenth's T'eo, and Weyrlingmaster, Bronze Nasrinth's N'kor, have never seen eye to eye. The distaste from one another stemming from the very roots of both bronzeriders, Xanadu, where T'eo's sister resides. Rumours circulate as to the details, but one large thread of gossip has flown about the weyr like wildfire.

According to the latest tale it seems that the Weyrlingmaster had spoken ill about Junior Ameera and when confronted by T'eo, the younger rider punched him in the jaw. This isn't hard fact, some claim that the notoriously clumsy Weyrsecond merely tripped over his fallen chair while backing up, but all sources agree that N'kor was seen fleeing the scene while T'eo had to attend the infirmary. Again the detail here are hazy, but questions are arising about the credibility of the Weyrlingmaster… particularly after the drama with the most recent batch of weyrlings. Is he adaquate for the job? Do we really want him teaching our new riders?

News has already spread beyond the weyr in a trickle. How long till it reaches the Weyrsecond's sister?

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