A New Transfer

Its been ages since a brat of a candidate named Delynni got into a paint fight with visiting artist Dryssa. And seemingly just as long since she was left behind on the sands. Indeed, after traveling the world over to find her Ryukith, Delynni finally impressed right at home, at Eastern, before transferring to Xanadu as a Weyrling and now, Delynni has left the Weyr of Paradise for the Islands of the West.

Delynni, blue Ryukith's rider is now inhabiting a small weyr, and few would recognize the bratty ill tempered candidate for the tattoo'd, easy going, somewhat cocky young bluerider she's become. Her rain and midnight blue Ryukith is an unimpressive figure at first, slouching wherever he goes and almost seeming to droop at first glance, but in his initial drills in Archipelago wing Ryukith shows promise as a highly intelligent and perceptive flier, able to turn on a wingtip. With any luck, these two will prosper at Western.

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