Rule of Two

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It was over almost before anyone knew about it. The humming, which began during breakfast could only have meant one thing…. that not only were Orraeloth's two eggs indefinitely viable, but that they were hatching /right/ that very moment. Needless to say, there was no mad rush for the galleries, the Hatching as it were, took all of a few minutes, and two new pairs promptly joined the weyrlings of Miraneith and Suldith's clutch in the barracks, barely making a fuss in the order of things. In the end, it was a green and a blue — small, but certainly both healthy — that made their choices, and life goes on, leaving the sands in solitary splendor to Shadhavarth and Loxiath — and a great deal of questions and speculations about the consequences of Liora's actions.

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