The prodigal brownrider returns

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Brownrider Rou'x's fall from grace all those months ago was no secret, even if the exact details are fuzzy. Given everything that happened to her in such a short while, rumours at the time were rife, though certain facts are clearly true: she gave up her tiny twins to her family in their far-flung High Reaches small holding (not that she ever showed much affection towards them while they were in her care). Ila'den stripped her of her Wingleader knot after her negligence, due to being drunk on the job, caused a fatality during an Archipelago rescue mission. The consequent downwards spiral of booze and bad tempers led to the break-up of her long-term relationship with her clutchmate, Keely.

What happened next though is anyone's guess, as the hulkingly handsome brown Indianath was suddenly a whole lot less prominent around Western. The pair all but disappeared save for the occasional glimpse of them coming or going from their ledge right at the highest point of the Weyr, leading, most likely, to even more rumours especially when Rou'x turned up again in the middle of the Tiki Lounge one evening, much to the chargin of one very-vexed blueriding clutchmate of hers. Angry words (and even a threat!) were exchanged loud enough for anyone else on the patio that evening to have heard loud and clear, and the rumours have since taken on a different tone: it would seem Rou's back - in at least some capacity of the word, anyway. None of her Archipelago wingmates have seen her reporting in for duty yet and she hasn't checked in with anyone else, so exactly /what/ she's doing is debateable. Surely someone, somewhere in the Weyr is in the know?

OOC: Just a little WYWLK to explain Rou'x's absence. Feel free to use it as you will, or to ask for a scene.

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