Waiting Game

Time has gone on. Young Theiath has grown rounder and rounder with each week with her first clutch, as egg-heavy as the modern dragons get given they have such smaller clutches with the destruction of Thread. Her rider, Junior Amarante, has been waiting - the calendar was marked for when the clutching should happen (as close as possible, given the random nature; and yet, even a circled week or so is closer than anything!). Her preparations for Search have become decidedly less stressful with the announcement of a cure - more or less - for the dragon flu. It's a matter of time before Western and the other weyrs rescind their bans on travel to and from, which makes Search absolutely easier!

Still, time has also clicked away with more and more worry as the week that was circled initially starts coming to a close, and a week after comes into being. The Dragonhealers have assured Amarante and any others that things are proceeding apace with the eggs' development - and that golds will not clutch unless they feel their site is safe enough to do so. With prodding, Theiath has assured her rider that she doesn't feel safe yet, a so-called cure for the flu found or not, and that she will wait and see until she can't wait any longer without losing her clutch. The formidable young gold isn't taking any chances, apparently…

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