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Neatly printed signs have been posted around the lower caverns, in the Tiki Lounge - anywhere, really, where they might be read by the 'right' people! Each of them bears the same message:

We want YOU to represent Western Weyr at the Western Trade Fair!
Whatever your skillset, if you have marketable goods, join your craft's stall or rent a space of your own to show off and sell your wares to all of Pern.

Further down the poster there are contact details, stall cost details, and, of course, the date that it will be held. Everything anyone could possibly need to know about the upcoming fair!

OOC: This Saturday, September 15, we will be having an all-day Trade Fair! It will be held at the Pearl Dolphin Resort (@tel #2140), with stalls set up along and near the beach. All of Pern's Crafts have been officially invited so there will be IC representation from them (speak to your Craft staff to see if they have any plans for participating, as they're all aware). However you don't /have/ to be an official Crafter to say you have a stall selling your goods!

Feel free to wander on down at any time on September 15 to take part, whether you're browsing and buying or hawking your goods. This is a just for fun, just to spur-RP event, and I hope you enjoy it!

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