Way, Hey, and up She Rises!

As Bennueth's eggs harden towards hatching any day now on the sands of Western Weyr, wise heads are beginning to nod at the antics of one of the newest Junior's lifemates. Youngest of the golds, Theiath has gone from formidable to… complicated, and is growing more so. Bronzes are being granted the rarity of her conversation, polite and even affectionate. Their riders are subject to comments from the gold as well, and Amarante has been seen out more and more with the passing days. As if the Junior wasn't friendly and sociable enough, she's becoming downright brazen with her attentions and desire to interact with others, and it's beginning to drive various inhabitants a little mad.

This isn't to say that Theiath is nicer towards other females. In fact, she's become downright possessive and jealous to the point where greens have begun to literally avoid her at all costs. Usually aloof from the other golds, it's a good thing that she doesn't interact with them at this time. The worry is that if Theiath goes up and requires the sands before the clutch currently on it is hatched, there could be tension - to say the least - between the golds. S'chez says he's never heard of such in all his Turns on the planet, and figures the eggs will be long since hatched by the time Theiath glows and prepares her own for the sands. Amarante herself has gigglingly said that Theiath isn't ready yet, either, and besides - what female pregnant to bursting would want to go fight another woman during childbirth ANYWAY??

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