Risen, and caught!

Recent Events » Risen, and caught!

The elfen maiden's time was bound to come, and when better than in the rosy post-dawn light? Tarieth gave little warning as she took to the pens, with an entourage of blues, browns and bronzes following her in her blooding, then springing skywards to give chase to the dainty lady.

It was short and sweet, an acrobatic demonstration of the pure agilty, grace and speed the young green possesses, that ended when brown Indianath secured his newest treasure - perhaps aided by the affections Tarieth has been showing him of late.

As for Rou'x and S'ol? Well, the former was seen sneaking out of the ground weyrs with a lopsided grin and one heck of a blush, while the young greenrider emerged a whole lot later… and a whole lot rumpled.

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