More rain for Western

Two of Western Weyr's oldest aunties — tucked neatly against the hearth in the living caverns and piled with blankets for warmth — were overheard during their knitting…

"I say," croaks one old crone, "'tis rainin' and rainin'. Ye'd almost think 'twould never stop."

The other old lady cackles slightly. "Don' be goin' down ta them lower tunnels. Tha deepest darkest tunnels are startin' to fill up. Aint nobody's been displaced heah at the Weyr but a mess o'tunnelsnakes."

Indeed. While the Weyr seems to have weathered the first storm with just a lot of rain, and a soggy looking bowl, the second storm has arrived and the lagoon lake is starting to look a little higher. So far, no residents have had to move out of the lower caverns, but there are rumors that the deeper tunnels are starting to flood. Hopefully nothing valuable is being stored down there.

Outside the Weyr, things are looking pretty dreary. While the larger Holds on the island are making it through the weather all right, some of the smaller cotholds (particularly those near rivers and streams) are starting to look awfully nervous as the waters rise. Will they overflow their banks? And what does that mean for the people living there?

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