Another Sands Planting

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The humming began in the afternoon, Miraneith having demanded her rider's presence, which lead to Enka having to make her way down from the rooftop herb gardens at a fast waddle. As it turns out, Orraeloth needed to get there, and fast. After much begrudging argument betwixt senior queen and rider, space was finally cleared, (it also having come to light that most of the sand mounds closest to the gallery is just that — empty piles of heaped sand — as Miraneith's clutch is situated further along the back wall of the immense Hatching Caverns, although how many she laid is still up for debate) and Orraeloth laid her own clutch of two, allowing Miraneith to make the comment « They can stare at /her/ and leave me and mine alone. » But the mere fact that the young gold laid such a small clutch is likely to be another black mark against Liora. It's clearly the rider and gold's fault that this has happened, and how once word gets out will Enka ever be able to foist a nearly useless gold and her lackwitted rider off on some unsuspecting Weyr. Who would want her?

And now, candidates are definitely needed, triply so with the impending clutching of Shadhavarth, although there are reassurances that both Miraneith and Orraeloth should be off the sands by then for nobody is quite sure how /three/ golds on the sands would get along. One thing is for certain, the barracks are going to be quite full indeed.

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