River Rescue!

The day was thankfully relatively dry, with only intermittent showers when the bellow of the senior queen called the wings to order and Western Weyr went into rescue mode to save many of the residents of Riverside Cothold from the rising torrent of the river as it flooded the cothold and surrounding outbuildings. Thanks to the brave efforts of the rescuers, a young boy, Dane, was plucked from a tree in the midst of the flood waters themselves and many others were treated for various wounds by an experienced healer. Many of the refugees were flown straight back to Western where they're now being taken care of with hot food, hot klah and warm clothing. The Weyrwoman held a conference with the cotholder himself, and the offer of assistance has been extended. The refugees are staying at the Weyr for the duration of the flood, and will not return home until the flood waters recede and their homes can be restored.

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