A Muddy Disaster

With all the rain that the western islands have been getting lately and a flooded out cothold in the process, it could be no surprise that a second catastrophe has befallen the residents of the island, and that the Weyr has once again sprung into action for rescue work.

It began when a sweeprider, flying over little Eston Fishing Village (a motley little collection of fishermans' hovels a short way down the coast from the Weyr) observed a section of the hill above suddenly give way and bury nearly half the buildings in one oncoming wall of sticky mud. Instantly the call went out to the Weyr, and Western responded, sending a number of dragons to dig out as many people as they could before time ran out. While a fair number of fisherfolk were dragged out of the mud and cared for diligently, there was also a number of blanket-covered forms that weren't so lucky, despite the rescuers' best efforts.

A number of survivors are now refugees, and have been brought to the Weyr, although given that Riverside Cothold is still untenable, and Western's resources will be stretched to their limits as they absorb the new refugees. It is the hope of many that some of the holds and cotholds inland can take on people, and ease the burdens of the Weyr's stores.

In the meantime, there are mutterings that bad news seems to happen in threes, and with the flood that caused havoc at the cothold, and this new devastation — there are those who wonder if the Weyr's riders are being stretched too thin, and will they be enough to combat the next disaster?

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