Stepping Down

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Many may have noticed a significant change in the training of the Weyrlings lately - Ae'gus is nowhere to be seen around the barracks or during drills. Rumors may reach around the Weyr that the man had been seen leaving the offices of the Weyrwoman without something significant - his Weyrlingmaster's knot. He's since stepped into the role of a simple Wingrider in Archipelago, leaving his 7 turn run as Weyrlingmaster.

Should anyone ask, though, he'll merely give one of his usual broad grins and cite that he'd rather spend more time with his family - notably his weyrmate and daughter. Perhaps his recent 30th turnday made him rethink what best to spend time on. The job of Weyrlingmaster, though he loved it for all these turns, was beginning to get a bit too consuming of his attentions. Who knows if he'll remain content with a Wingrider position or if he'll try for something else in the future.

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