Of Wings and Parties

Taira definitely isn't letting on what happened in her conversation with the Weyrwoman that ended in her being handed Seamount's wingleader knot, but it seems it's there to stay - for a while at least. Already she's been looking for a wingsecond, though rumours of rather interesting interview techniques appear to be remaining as rumours, and nobody will confirm that A'di was given the knot simply because he refused to do what she asked of him.

Regardless the wing is now stuck with a teenage wingleader with a penchant for skinny-dipping and goofing off, and her most public action was to declare that they were taking over the tiki lounge as an unofficial wing hangout.

How long she'll keep the knot remains to be seen, there are already rumbles of discontent, and their upcoming wing party may well make Rea regret ever taking the risk of giving Taira responsibility.

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