Promotion Torture!

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After a crate of fruit had gone missing from the stores, things have been a little on edge in the transport wing at Western. With a bit of digging it was found out that the wingleader had been lax about much of the paperwork, and didn't actually have any record of such a crate even getting to Western at all. And so the investigation continued, this time the weyrleader sending after the wingrider S'rorn.

Following an intense interrogation, it turned out that S'rorn wasn't in fact being interrogated at all! In fact, he had been called down to clean up the mess. Zi'on had outed the old transport wingleader and was promoting Rorn out of his old wing to get things back in order.

OOC: Congrats to Rorn, the latest sucker to join the ranks of staff here at Western! S'rorn is now also the leader of the Seamount Wing, may he lead us to great fortune! (Also, don't listen to a thing he says about my mom.)

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