Late Yet Precisely On Time

Just when it was about to get worrisome even to dragonhealers, Amarante sent them the same message that Theiath had given her mentally. "It is time." With the temperamental gold on the sands at last, it seemed as if there would be a clutch laid - and more restful nights due to less worry about it for Amarante herself.

After investigating the entire place suspiciously, Theiath proclaimed it suitable and proceeded to warn off any and all draconic creatures that appeared. Lihauth himself wasn't even allowed on the sands during the clutching process, and though she allowed Amarante to be there, she gave a warning glare to the spectators who chose to ogle the newly shelled dragonets.

The final tally, by the end of several long and tiring hours of effort, was twelve, the majority of them brightly, gaily colored things. Once they had been carefully settled in their temporary homes dug in the sand by their dam, Theiath curled around them nearby to begin keeping watch. Only then was Lihauth, the clutch sire, allowed to enter - so long as he walked daintily, respectfully, and quietly near his resting mate.

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