Sevaruth's Clutch Hatches

It happens to all eggs eventually, that they hatch and that is what happened to Sevaruth and Glyth's clutch that was hardening on Western's sands. The candidates roused from their lunch and torn away from chores to be hustled out on the sands as the eggs were hatching now and they simply couldn't wait. When all was said and done, seven new pairs graced the weyr of bronze Osnysith and S'cha, brown Kimayth and N'gud, brown Schieumoth and Alyalyssa, blue Sneaperyth and K'xas, blue Tiardeth and Lindi, blue Zlouth and Mandala, and green Ayelmoth and T'tan.

Of course, now that the eggs are hatched, it appears that Jolie is reverting somewhat to her old ways as she considers her position as senior once more confirmed. It's been rumored that you can catch her at all hours of the night, down at the Tiki Bar, and she's not limiting herself to juice and water like she used to.

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