Recent Events » Rescued!

It was a clear night when the different teams assembled to root out the pirate brigand and rescue Iris from their clutches. A band of riders and weyrfolk moved in small boats towards the Ghost Ship, hidden in an alcove recently drained of water. The Western guardsman along with some other weyrfolk and riders moved quietly in while the smaller team went to rescue the weyrwoman, lying in wait to storm the caverns.

The information Straws provided seemed mostly accurate. After a couple of bumps along the way, the group was able to rescue the pregnant junior, just in time for an ambush of sneaky swimming pirates. An air evacuation was ordered, and everyone escaped safely. Except for the pirates of course. Those who didn't fall during the apprehension have been locked away in Western's cells for the foreseeable future.

The important part is that Iris is home safe, and that most of the stolen items have been returned to the weyr for pickup by their respective owners. The question is… what will happen to Straws? Will the weyrleader make good on his promise to drop him on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere?

OOC: That about wraps up the TP folks! You can view the log of the rescue here:

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