A Caravan of Sorts

Its been no secret that a certain Istan bronzerider has been back and forth between Ista and Western, spending time equally at both. It's also no secret that the bronzerider had stepped down from Weyrsecond at Ista to better focus on, as he's put it, 'The things that matter'.

However, what is particularly a surprise is that the born and bred Istan has been seen sporting a Western knot - a knot that it is rumored was only begrudgingly given to him by the young Weyrwoman Rea. After all, it is also no secret that a certain degree of bad blood exists between L'ton and Rea, as well as N'kor, and even T'eo, leaving many to question what else may be occurring behind the scenes.

L'ton, however, was not the only one to be seen with a new Western knot, for in his wake came his eldest daughter, Zip of brown Adereth, as well as his niece, Zorya of green Ixophenth, and Zip's 'friend', a young miner Riley. All in all, the group has been settling in without incident. So far.

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