The Aftermath

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It could have been worse. It could have been a lot, lot worse. The rescue was far from easy but Archipelago threw themselves into the stormy fray as is expected of Search and Rescue riders.

Despite the difficult conditions the riders escaped with minimal repercussions: three injured dragons (three wingsprains, one leg sprain and possible fractured toe from a bad landing) and five injured riders (one dislocated shoulder, one fractured wrist, two concussions and a thigh wound with stitches - plus a couple of instances of rope burn). All in all not bad, considering they managed to pull 109 of 112 sailors from the fleet of seven ships. Search riders and dolphins have been called in to help search for the remaining three, while those with injuries, or who are just plain exhausted, are camping out on their little island haven until they're able to return home.

Five of the fleet now lie at the bottom of the sea, including the Sundance, which went down in spectacular style with an explosion (of sorts), while the remaining two are still afloat but battered, and have been towed and beached upon the nearest island.

Crates of cargo are scattered across the Western Ocean, washing up willy-nilly on the shores of the archipelago - including the shores of our very own Weyr. Exactly what they hold is a mystery until they're opened!

OOC: Thank you to everyone who came and played! It was fabulous, and the turn-out was far better than I could have anticipated. ^^ Sorry for the confusion at the beginning, but we got around it in the end and had an absolutely fabulous scene! :D Please feel free to RP finding a crate on the shore - what's inside it is completely up to you. It could be anything you like!

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