Senior Queen Takes to the Skies!!

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With a number of Turns between the last time she rose and the present, Miraneith has seemed content to her nocturnal roamings about the Weyr — that measured steady inspection to ensure that all is well in her home. The ungainly queen is not often seen during the day, preferring her frequent naps within the hidden confines of her abode. So by and large, there is little to indicate that the queen is doing anything but taking a very long break in between clutches.

That is all about to change…

Sightings of the mustard-and-ivory dragon, with her rather plump tail, are becoming more frequent during the day, Miraneith taking up residence more often on her ledge rather than deep within the cavernous tunnel she calls home. And more than once, her sweet enticing voice is wafting out towards various dragons, seeking attention. Soon, speculation has been said, she'll be chasing after the males on the ground — a sure sign that the gold is coming into heat.

That she has not yet begun glowing is merely inconsequential. There can be no doubt that before long, the senior gold of Western Weyr is about to take to the skies for the first time in Turns — which brings about an air of anticipation. Will the status quo be maintained, or will there be a new shakeup in the Weyrleadership? And just what kind of a clutch can the Weyr expect?

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