Orraeloth Did ... WHAT?!

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Of late, it seems that Miraneith has been rarely seen, even on her nocturnal jaunts about the Bowl for as the time for her to clutch draws ever closer, the Weyr's senior is often asleep (moreso than usual for her) and her grip, so to speak, upon the reins of the Weyr is somewhat looser than it has been in the past. And likewise, Enka seems … absent. Sleeping late, working little — is the Weyrwoman feeling under the weather or is it something else entirely?

Whatever the cause, the senior pair's control over the airheaded (or just plain stupid) Liora and her gold Orraeloth has been relaxed, just enough to create a 'perfect storm' which resulted in the newly-recovered gold taking to the feeding grounds of all places and making a paltry attempt at blooding her kill. It took some doing, Liora having been entirely shocked and speechless — losing what wits she had — and Orraeloth ate at least one wherry (or two) before managing to properly blood a herdbeast. It wasn't a particularly long or high flight, but it was adequate enough — with the winner being Rou'x's brown Indianath who swooped in to ensnare the gold.

Needless to say, there's plenty of bets flying around the Weyr now. Will Orraeloth clutch? How big of a clutch will she have? Was Liora shocked even further than she normally is? And will the Weyrleaders finally manage to foist the ditzy junior off on some other Weyr on the grounds that the gold /can/ have flights?

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