There's a Lot of Dragons Flying

With Aerhi missing for so long, the call has gone out for other weyrs around Pern to join with Western in their search for the missing Senior. Search and Rescue teams arrive and leave at all hours, heading out to cover both old ground and new in the hunt, even though Onauth has remained stubbornly silent about the pair's whereabouts. Rumors have been flying over just where and why Aerhi might have gone, although the weyr's juniors have been staying quiet over just what they know.

What is known is various tidbits about folks; That Jolie has been playing up her role as one of the oldest juniors and pushing herself forward as the days drag on. T'eo has barely been sleeping as he looks for his weyrleading partner, pushing both himself and Raenth to the edge with exhaustion. Rea has seemed to have been in a state of shock since Aerhi's disappearance, keeping herself buried in her books as she becomes more reclusive.

Changes are afoot, come on out and see what we've got to rp with you about.

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