Auspicious Transfer

With more transfers under his belt in the last Turn than belts have holes, the shabby red-haired bronze rider hailing this time from a brief stint in Eastern, has landed a job here, in Western. He has already created a minor buzz of suspicion as to how he landed the job a few have been vying for. While others folks might interest themselves in bets of how long the transfer to Western was going to last, amusing over the stories gleaned from sources in both Igen and Eastern. Still others whisper about the way he went to about introducing himself to one of the assistant weyrling masters. Further, even more gossip hovers about the reason why he had accepted the position and who had offered it to him - why did they offer it to him? Whose authority did the invitation come from? The displaced weyrleaders or the new weyrleaders?

The only thing for certain is that he was called upon quickly on his first day with the position to see about brown Luzath and the reason behind the browns current inability to fly. With the last batch nearing graduation, the current condition with Luzath was confounding and his rider S'mal, no less felt the sympathy flashed from the faces of his fellow weyrlings.

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