Western's Rumours

The latest gossip, though fact and fiction are closely entwined:

L'ton, the infamous bronze rider of Ista, was verbally assaulted by none other than Western's Weyrlingmaster, N'kor. Rumours say that N'kor pulled apart Lissi and L'ton from an afternoon of carousing in eachother's company. The arguements got so heated that eventually Damasth was upset and frantic by the end of it, with the green weyrling pair dashing off with the Istan pair hot on their trail.

Hours later, whispers were told of the Weyrlingknot passing to S'uin, apparently after the red head had a nervous breakdown and collapsed in the stand of flutterby trees. The bronze rider was later spotted leaving the Weyr with a bag packed and heading for distant skies.

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