Wintry Western Weather

Western isn't known for its snow and frigid temperatures, being as it's a tropical island chain. That said, winter can often be felt in cooler temperatures - and in a lack of rain. As if to make up for the springtime and summertime monsoons that kept everything flooded earlier this Turn, fall turned out fairly dry. Winter itself has become downright dangerous, however, as drought conditions have settled in. There is usually a storm or three to pass through and wet the ground fairly regularly, given it IS a tropical island chain, but this year has seen a record number of days without moisture. Even by winter standards, this has become severe with time. Now with the troubles regarding felines and lost cattle, worries are starting to take hold that if the rains don't soon come to moisten the parched islands, there may be trouble keeping up the food stores for man, dragon, and beast alike.

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