Recent Events » Clack-clack

Candidate barracks: The journey's beginning for some of the young men, women and children that come to stand bravely upon Western's sands on hatching day. The very place where they reside after a long grueling stretch of chores and other duties. A place of refuge, quiet and peaceful sleep at night… Only, if it were the case. Little cliks and clacks were heard at first until the creatures and candidates were disturbed within the cots and resting quarters late into the darkness. When the lights were turned on, a force of nature was there waiting for them. In great numbers.

OOC: Western's got a little bit of a problem, there's a wee infestation going on and not only were the barracks hit but most of the ground level rooms, weyrs and tunnels! Why so many Spiderclaws? No one knows for sure, but enjoy. ;)

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