Weyr in transition

No one is quite sure what caused the sudden explosion in the Weyrwoman of Western Weyr, or what had been rankling her for so long that might cause such a change in her usual carefree personality… but, the goldrider who belongs to Western, has been more and more at Ista.

Most that know her well enough didn't question the change, as not only does the father of her little girl live on Istan shores, but as of recent the man she's considered her father figure since impression has recently become Weyrleader there, as well. More things came upon A'ven's shoulders then they did Rea's, and despite questions, the loyalist in A'ven has kept the Weyrleader's lips sealed on the Weyrwoman's trials.

But what came as the biggest surprise was when the Senior showed up one misty morning with another goldrider in tow… one of the Istan junior's, infact. As they passed through the Living caverns, the absence of Rea's knot was painfully obvious — and the fact that the Istan junior was holding Rea's knot even more so.

It didn't take long for rumour to spread after that, of reports of Rea having it out with Istan Junior Enka in Ista's living caverns, a squabble that lasted for a few good minutes before Rea ripped her knot off, put it in Enka's hands, and grabbing the girl by her arm, dragged her out to the weyrbowl.

Some wonder how much had been told to Ysa, and how long the Istan lass was given, but it didn't take long before Rea had her at Western… and apparently tied down with a new position that's…. highly unexpected. A few others wonder how the Juniors of Western will take it, considering Rea has forsaken them in favor of an Istan Junior, and how A'ven will handle this sudden, out of nature change of Senior. Any questions asked of Rea have been viciously shoved off, and other then the moments the woman is in Ista visiting with T'eo, she's seen talking with her former Weyrleader… and baring a Junior knot upon her shoulder.

And no one is willing to even whisper about the repercussions this might have on Western, with the rest of Pern's Holds, Crafts and Weyrs at the next Conclave meeting…

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