Weyrwoman's New Necklace

A trio of old aunties sits in the corner of the lower caverns, spinning yarn, and knitting…

"Yah 'ear 'bout da new weyrwoman?" asks one wrinkly old crone, knobby old fingers working away at her knitting. "'Ad a guest she did."

"In 'er orffice, nah less," supplies another. "One o' the gels were in thar meetin' with 'er an' she chas'd 'er oot. Middle o' tha day it were."

"Weyrwoman's an 'ealthy gel," the third snorts, "with an 'ealthy appetite, if'n ye ask moi. 'Eard he 'ad a Xanadu knot."

"… and a lock'd door," the first cackles wickedly, showing a gap-toothed smile. "Faranth only know wot they was up to."

"wasn't too long though," the second coughs, rheumy eyes gleaming thoughtfully. "She 'ad a meetin' roight aftah. Stayed roight through till tha end o' tha day too. Mebbe it was a liaison wi' Xanadu they was discussin'."

"Saw 'er at dinner though," the third old auntie speaks up in a raspy voice, "'ad a new sparklie 'round 'er neck. If'n ye ask moi, someone's been rather cozy wi' 'er."

There's a look that passes between them then, speculating.

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