Glowing Gold Rises

After several tense sevendays of worry concerning the Istan illness spreading through the Western dragon's ranks, and the subtle glow Bennueth was showing inspite of her sour disposition from being sick… many worried the gold would rise while she was sick, and spread it further throughout the Weyr. But, she never seemed too inclined to rise, and as time passed the cure found by Fort finally made it's way to Western's shores.

As the dragons were treated (And an increase in export of fertilizer from the Weyr), it seemed many could breath a sigh of relief, and waited for the young gold to become better and rise. So, it was with no surprise when the gold rose to the rising sun, chased by those bronzes who felt up to it. The flight was short and sweet, considering the gold's recovering health… or maybe simply Glyith's ability to zero in on the catch.

Either way, the Weyr's spirits are on the mend, with recovering dragons, and the Weyrleader's knot firmly attached to A'ven's shoulder.

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