Worrying Gossip

If you were following along before, you'd have heard about the previous rumours concerning a couple of Weyrwomen and a Weyrlingmaster. It doesn't seem to have gotten any better. The latest gossip concerning these individuals has to do with one of the Junior Weyrwoman going into pre-mature labour and falling to the ground in pain, in front of the Weyrlingmaster. It's told that the Weyrlingmaster was with a group of weyrlings who were cleaning themselves in the lagoon after a days hard work of fighting fire. Even they say the Weyrlingmaster laughed at the woman and left her there on the ground as he walked away. Cold and heartless.

If it wasn't for the quick thinking of some of the weyrlings, there would've been more complications than there already happened to be. Happily though, mother and babe are both safe in the infirmary.

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