Busted Waterpipes!

Uh oh!

It seems one of the main fresh water pipes that supplies the Weyr has burst. The following consequences may be played out in your RP as a result of this event if you choose to do so:

  • Some flooding

Just how much is kind of up to you. Is it a minor personal inconvenience or are you forced to wear dear Auntie Edeena's wardrobe while your clothes dry out? (I am Mrs. Nesbit! See the hat?)

  • A shortage of fresh water

Hmm… Just how stinky can the Living Cavern get when people don't bathe? Got children? They're probably a little on the grubby side. Sure, you can bathe in the ocean, but salt water isn't exactly, comfortable in the long run now is it? chaffing anyone?

  • Inconvenience while it's being repaired

The noise, the lights, the lack of sleep - the workers tromping through in the middle of breakfast. Yes, the doozers are busy fixing things up, and maybe you're unhappy about that maybe you're helping.

  • Menu changes

You might notice some alterations to the items the cooks usually prepare - maybe one of the new recipes is good enough for Top Chef, maybe it's not fit for the canines — you decide.

  • Creative solutions / survival tactics

Gathering rainwater
Purifying ocean water
Solar stills

All ideas you can use in your next scene!

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