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It was very early one morning when the Weyrleaders ventured down to the docks to interview the fishermen before they left for the day to go fishing. Too early, some might say.

Nevertheless, from the captain of the Shipfish, they were given a name and a direction: Hard to starboard and then south. Following up that interview with another — this one from a bald fisherman named Brud, Enka and Zi'on got some more information about this "ghost ship". Turns out, Brud had seen the thing — in fact, he'd been swamped by its wake and his boat went under — and from what the man said, the ship was real as anything else.

A quiet word has gone out to the Wingleader of Archipelago Wing and rumors are now swirling over the Weyr that specific sweeps in that area will now be initiated. For the wingriders of Archipelago, it remains to be seen how they feel about this extra duty.

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