Wild Wild Western

Western earned its name after the outcome of a small search party sent out into the wilderness and led by A'ven, the Weyrleader, in order to attempt finding some of the missing herd. The expedition started out normally, with Ae'gus, Joraycen, G'len and T'burk being among the party's occupants as they followed along through some of the rougher terrain on the lookout for any possible clue of either the spooked beasts or their attacker. It was a while before some vague shapes were spotted in the distance, which turned out to be a shocking sight - a dead herdbeast carcass partially savaged by most likely a feline, according to the beastcrafter in attendance, Joraycen. Several dragonlengths beyond this gruesome display were the real prize: a large pocket of herdbeasts grazing and taking part in a natural source of water nearby.

The trip turned wild when a daring plot to wrangle the beasts was hatched on the spot between Joraycen and Ae'gus, both of who were on runnerback and have previous experience with wild animals. Lassos were handed out, passing remarks were exchanged about certain stories involving rogueish herdbeast drivers and young ladies that swoon over them. Then the race was on with much whooping, yee-hawing, lasso-waving, and daring, showy runner moves that would otherwise not really be used.

The dirt flew, the herdbeasts stampeded and Ae'gus and Joraycen drove the herdbeast home in a dustcloud of glory, helped along by T'burk's Vinteth and the sharp eyes of G'len, who was on the lookout for any stragglers from the main herd. As the hooves thundered, the Weyrfolk were taken by surprise as a decent sized group of exhausted, frightened and dirty herdbeasts barreled their way into the corral of the feeding grounds at Western, nearly breaking down the gate in their haste to get away from those weirdos chasing them on runnerback.

All in all, a sizeable amount of herdbeasts have been, well, herded back to the Weyr and some more confirmation has been made as to what is killing the poor beasts, judging by the carcasses that were found on the scene. More than one were found amongst the living creatures that had been brought back with injuries that would indicate a large predator attack.

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