Attack at Western

The masque was perhaps not the wisest idea, or so the leaders can be heard saying now after two sea-faring renegades attacked a group of candidates as the event. One candidate, Fyra, daughter of Ierne rider Rupa of green Saynth, was abducted, and several candidates injured. One of the renegades was injured badly enough by some of the candidates to have been incapacitated and is now in custody. So far it has been undisclosed as to what information may have been gleaned. The other in his escape alerted the weyr to an underground tunnel unknown to most of thee current staff.

"There's little way they could have gotten in through that enterance without someone here on the other side." The Steward was quoted saying. "Investigations are being made into our staff, but at this point we don't know who it was who let them in."

A series of guardsmen and some of the weyr's Mine Crafters went in pursuit, learning that the enterance is an underwater cave unknown to the current Sea Craft and Dolphineers.

And Where was a Weyrleader in all of this?
"Intelligence informed us that there was to be an attack at Half Moon Bay the night of the masque." Explained the Weyrleader when questioned about it.

There was indeed an unidentified ship off the Half Moon Bay coast, but proved to be derelict after much inspection. By the time the Weyrleader arrived, the men had already been apprehended. The late response of the local watch and guard is being looked into, says the leadership, and ne appointments may be made in a matter of days.

"We've got their trail now," The Weyrleader said a bit brightly the morning after, "Should just be a matter of time before they're found. But at the same time, no sense in letting our guard down any further. There will be a series of new mandates and at this time, all ground and sea traffic is forbidden until we can sort out who's responsible for letting those men in."

Restrictions and mandates include Candidates being supervized at all times by one guard member or rider. Escorts between sections of the weyr for candidates. The restrictions on after dark activity now apply to the weyr as a whole. Patrols have been upped and random screening is now in process. All entering riders will be screened. At this point, as mentioned earlier, there is to be no entering ground traffic. Trade has been suspended until further notice.

"This has just gotten far too out of hand and I, as Weyrleader, apologize to the Weyr and others effected by this mess that we were not on top of this sooner." Said T'eo. The effect of these changes throughout Pern remains to be seen.

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