End of a Relationship

Given the amount of time and trouble it took for bronze Lihauth's Ch'tra and his long-time sweetheart, Junior Gold Amarante, to finally become weyrmates, many who knew the couple were relieved when they seemed to finally gel. The story of it read like a romance straight from Old Terra: the two met as Candidates at Xanadu Weyr, and only near the end, at hatching, did they finally realize their mutual attraction. Lihauth chose Chaitra, who became Ch'tra, at that hatching, but Amarante was left standing. She was then chosen to stand at Western, and then Eastern, before she found her lifemate in gold Theiath. Meanwhile, Ch'tra went on to become Weyrleader of Ista for a short time when Lihauth caught Merkabath unexpectedly, and then transferred to a different wing when Merkabath rose again. With upheaval in Eastern, Theiath and Amarante found themselves in Ierne, and then at Western Weyr, the place of Amarante's birth. Once settled, Ch'tra transferred to Western and caught the gold on her maiden flight, siring her first clutch of eggs. Ch'tra and Amarante were inseparable afterwards.

Recently, however, the bronzerider has been seen less and less, and Amarante has appeared more worried, especially after the fires. Theiath's most recent clutch, hardening on the sands, was sired by R'ik's bronze Tunseth. Even then, Ch'tra has been more or less absent for reasons unknown - and Amarante isn't telling either. Given the problems the duo had to overcome just to be together, can it be that now that they are, they've both changed too much to be happy together? Rumor has it that the two aren't even sharing a weyr any longer….

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